Frequently asked questions

Why become a Secret Customer?
Mystery shopping is a great way to earn some extra income whist doing the things you already do and enjoy. Assignments might include a visit to a local café or restaurant, cinema, local attraction or another local business.

Mystery shoppers visit their assigned location as a normal paying customer and upon completion, fill out an online questionnaire to provide feedback on their observations during their visit. Mystery shoppers are reimbursed for their outlay during the mystery shop (up to a pre-agreed amount) and are also paid an additional payment per job.


How much are Secret Customers paid?
Secret Customer Australia recognises that having trained, competent and efficient mystery shoppers is key to providing constructive, measurable and valuable feedback to our clients. That’s why we pay our mystery shoppers above industry standard rates.
Payments per job vary based on the specific assignment and different criteria, such as the duration of assignment, but you can expect to receive a minimum of $20 per job up to a maximum of $80. You will receive email communication outlining individual job requirements and payment being offered and you choose which jobs to accept.


How many jobs do I have to do?
You can choose to do as many or as few jobs as you like. There are no obligations to complete a certain number so you can choose the jobs you really want to do.


How many jobs can I expect?
The number of jobs you can expect depends on a number of factors including the geographical areas you have elected to work in, the clients we are working with at the time and their mystery shopping campaign needs. Once you complete Secret Customer mystery shopping training, you will be alerted by email when jobs become available. Some mystery shoppers elect to sign up with a few different agencies to maximise the number of jobs they receive.


How am I paid?
After your mystery shopping feedback report has been accepted by our Quality Assurance team you will be paid within 14 days, directly into your nominated bank account.


How do I find out about jobs?
All available jobs in your nominated areas will be emailed to you.


Do I need an ABN number?
An ABN number is a great idea to have if you are looking to do mystery shopping on a regular basis. Alternatively, if its suits your personal tax situation you can send us a completed Statement by Supplier form that you can download from the ATO website.


Will I be an employee of Secret Customer Australia?
No. As a subcontractor to Secret Customer Australia you will be required to complete your own tax at the end of each financial year.

How do I sign up to be a Secret Customer?


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