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Our Services

Secret Customer Australia offers a complete and comprehensive customer feedback solution. From surveys and audits, to mystery shopping campaigns, competitor analysis and training.

We can fully customise a campaign specific to your business and your objectives.


Why We Stand Out

We take the time to understand the core of your business by focusing on the fundamental philosophy and objectives that are important to you. We specifically design and develop campaigns to provide the most useful, quantifiable and informative mystery shopping results for your business. In this way, we can support you to convert extensive customer feedback into meaningful and measurable actions at a store level, which allow your business to prosper.

We understand the critical link between good customer service, loyal followers and repeat custom. We are passionate about supporting businesses to achieve customer service excellence.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding completion rates, which is attributed largely to our extensive network of more than 3500 mystery shopping consultants across Australia.


Our Mystery Shoppers Set Us Apart

Our mystery shopping consultants are trained and assessed in:

Compliance —¬†Customer Service¬†Business Operations

Our mystery shoppers are amongst the most experienced in the industry. Prior to setting foot in a business, they each complete extensive training and virtual visits to ensure relevant, meaningful and useful results.

Our mystery shopping consultants are paid above industry standards. This ensures the feedback your business receives is constructive, unbiased and authentic.

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